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Writing Toward The World We Want



Throughout my life, I've taught theater, writing, and political education to children and adults. Teaching has been my expression of love, my pursuit of justice. Whether you have a group of young folks looking to take a class or you'd like something one-on-one as you begin a new writing journey, I'm here to assist. Youth classes are tailored to each group based on age range and interest (including sci-fi, short story, persuasive essay, and more.) Various adult classes are available and can be customized to each writer's needs (whether that's surrealism, flash fiction, world building, etc.) If you're interested in a new tailored course, we'll begin with a free consultation call, and then I'll design something just for you!


Writing Workshops

Free Generative Writing Workshops

This is my offering to the community, a space to grow and "dive into the wreck" together. The workshops are held over zoom at 3 ET on Fridays. Each session, I offer a few brainstorming exercises, a reading,  writing time based on a prompt, and at the end, folks are invited to share. This has been one of the most tender and magical spaces, and I am deeply grateful to be in community with  all who arrive. We'd love to write with you. 


As a writing coach, my goal is to foster the growth of your projects and to help you develop and hone your process. This might mean working through an MFA application, revising the final drafts of a book, or starting a new collection of stories. We'll begin with a free consultation call to determine your needs and your dreams. Each week, I'll develop tailored exercises and prompts, offer readings and inspiration, and revise specific pieces. We'll check in and work through resistance or conflicts you're experiencing in your life and on the page, as well as review and affirm what's feeling fruitful and alive. My job is to listen, reflect, support, and guide. I believe in your story. I believe in your voice. 

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