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Writing coaching

Believe in Your Story, Transform Your Work

Writing Coaching is a deeply personal process, reflective of each person's particular projects, dreams, needs. We will begin with a free consultation call in order to determine how I might best support you.


Perhaps you're struggling to finish a book. We may gather what you've already created, assess gaps, rearrange, generate new pieces to round out the project, revise, polish, and submit.


Or perhaps you're looking to begin a new project. We'll create a plan, brainstorm, develop outlines, set goals and intentions, work through generative prompts specific to your piece or book, discover and hone the big questions and the beating heart.


Or perhaps you're stuck in the middle of a project. We'll work together to break through the walls of your fear, help you create practices and routines that you can carry with you, and garner momentum, so that you might return to what you've begun with renewed clarity and invigoration.


Or perhaps you're finessing an MFA application. We'll sort through potential programs, develop your statement, and revise your portfolio. 

No matter what, we'll check in each session and work through resistance and conflicts you're experiencing in your process. We'll celebrate the joys and victories. And we'll deepen your work. You'll receive detailed emails with summaries of our sessions, readings as inspiration, possible prompts, and feedback. My job is to support you as you journey through this writer's life. To remind you that you and your story are necessary and luminous. So often, we just need another eye and a little bit of help along the way. You are not alone. I am here to listen, reflect, and guide. Courage and commitment will be our soil. Your story and your book will be what blooms.

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