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Creative Writing Classes

Expand Your Voice, Embrace Your Story

Below are possible one-on-one classes. You can also request a course tailored to your needs.

Riot Write: The Political Poem

    Resistance work requires reckoning with what is and what has been, while also creating space to imagine what could be. This class investigates the revolutionary potential of language, specifically through poetry. We'll draw inspiration from poets such as Marwa Helal, Wislawa Szymborska, Brenda Shaughnessy, Danez Smith, Adrienne Rich, Solmaz Sharif, and Nabila Lovelace, in order to draft poems that rebel, retaliate, and reenvision. This will be a space to generate and revise pieces that demand and embody a more just and beautiful world.

Revision Toolkit​: Deepen, Experiment, Play

    Revision can be one of the most challenging aspects of the writing process. In this class, you'll bring poems, essays, or stories you've been struggling with, and together, we'll dig for the central questions, the thrumming heart of each piece. We'll expand, cut, rearrange, and most importantly deepen. We'll approach both with the lightness of play and the serious reflection of investigation and refinement. You'll leave with tools you can carry with you forever.

The Healing Road: Diving Into the Self


    Whether through personal essay or intimate poems, writing can offer deep and profound healing. It can also be extremely painful. Sometimes it helps to have a companion as we do the brave work of looking, examining, reflecting. Through generative writing prompts, reading, and revision, we will mine the depths of our lives, psyches, histories in order to make meaning of the shadows and find a new way forward. 

The Playground: Somatics and the Page

    This is a class for the brave writers who want to bring their body more fully into the writing process. Each week will involve an adventurous assignment that asks you either to take your writing into the world or the corporeal world within you onto the page. This is a class that asks you to take risks and reimagine what a writing life might be. We'll move. We'll breathe. We'll play. We'll write.

Fragments, Braids, and Wanderings

    From the lyric essay to the zuihitsu, there are forms ancient and emerging that lead us in the spiraling directions of time, experience, truth. Perhaps nothing is linear, singular. Perhaps everything is always colliding, weaving. How might we expand toward multiplicity? In this class, we'll focus on a genre of your choosing and write into the wildness of your many strands.

Make your own!

    If there is something you've wanted to work on (ekphrastic pieces, science fiction, world building, epistolary essays, diaristic stories, anything at all), just let me know, and we can craft a course together! 

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